Unconnected On All copper layers

Hello all.
I’m new at this and I’ve already look for some similar answers on the forum but without success.
I have two layers: F.Cu - VCC & B.Cu - EXT_GND

This is my error list (Sorry for the image but I can only upload one):

On the right - Screenshot of first error R200 and R201 (They should be connected to VCC):
On the Left - They should be connected to EXT_GND

Almost all errors are the same. Can you guys give me some help please.

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Most probably your nets are split into two areas which aren’t connected together. From the standpoint of the software it’s impossible to tell which items aren’t actually connected together because if you have for example 100 pads in one isolated area and 100 pads in the other isolated area, KiCad can’t possibly know what exact points of them should be used when making the missing connection. Therefore it just tries to pick up some items which are close to each other. So, you have to find a route for this connection. It may be elsewhere than those listed items.

From your screenshots it’s impossible to tell what could be the best route for each connection.

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Thanks @eelik.
I already fixed the problem. It was isolated as a group and not only those two connections.

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