Unconnected items -- one remaining

Each trace extends well onto its pad. Each trace extends well into the via footprint. Highlighting the GND net shows both nearby pads connected. Even so, DRC finds Pin 23 not connected to the GND net.

** Found 0 DRC errors **

** Found 1 unconnected pads **
ErrType(2): Unconnected items
@(105.100 mm, 88.600 mm): Track 0.250 mm [GND] on F.Cu, length: 1.400 mm
@(104.550 mm, 88.050 mm): Track 0.300 mm [GND] on B.Cu, length: 0.050 mm

Where to look?

23 and 25 seem to be connected to GND ok. Perhaps there is a GND connection missing elsewhere and DRC draws the airwire to 23 because it is the nearest pin the HAS a GND connection. Is the green trace connected to GND somewhere? Without the board it is hard to say, what’s going on.

KiCad can be a bit confusing with unconnected items.

If A is not connected to B, should it then show a message for A or for B?

It shows a message of a track segment not being connected, and there is a track segment of a length of 50um, which is quite small and probably shows up as a circle. (It’s also on the back side, so it’s green).

There also is a thin white “ratsnest” line trailing off to somewhere.
Overlapping copper blends into each other when tracks are filled.
Experiment a bit with the icons shown below (in the toolbar on the left side)
These icons determine whether tracks, zones, pads & via’s are drawn solid, or as outlines.

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Thank you @paulvdh, when I used the outline view and stripped away a few layers, I discovered a tiled pattern in the ground pad of the LFCSP. This’ll require some experimentation, including, perhaps, editing the footprint, but I am confident the end is in sight.
In short, an unconnected items list may not specify the problem, but it’ll bring you to the neighborhood.

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