Unable to use an already existing library in kicad


I am trying to use the library located at https://github.com/nekromant/nc-libs the XC6SLX9-tqg144. Howver when I add it to component libraries and try to use it , there is nothing added to the schematic . COuld someone please help me out?

I found the file at [https://github.com/nekromant/nc-libs/blob/master/xc6slx9-tqg144.lib][1] and the header is
“EESchema-LIBRARY Version 2.3 Date: 15/10/2012-20:07:15 DEF XC6SLX9-TQG144”

The header of a lib just in use is “EESchema-LIBRARY Version 2.3 #encoding utf-8”. I think that --despite of the same version reported-- 3 years old lib is an old version, not suitable for today’s eeschema (e.g. maybe the content coding entry is missing)
I advice you simply re-create the component.

Okay. I will do so. Thanks for the reply.