Unable to provide different value of copper clearance for different nets

So, I am trying to define different clearance for different nets by defining a new class in global design parameters. After which i am allocating those classes to those particular nets.
For example, I am defining a clearance of 0.125 mm in a new class and in Default class the clearance of 0.15 mm is defined. So, after that I am trying to fill the copper on the layer where I am unable to achieve the clearance which I have defined globally ( I have defined a value of clearance during copper filling ).
For example, if I define a copper clearance of 0.125 mm during copper filling, the filled copper will have a clearance of 0.15 mm which is a default class value for all irrespective of which i have defined in new class. Then, if I again go back and decrease the clearance for default class to 0.125 mm and then again fill the copper with same clearance, now the copper clearance is of 0.125 mm for all nets.
I want to have different clearance for different nets. Please let me know how to resolve this problem. Is there any thing which I am doing wrong ?

You may want to post the board you are working on. Or at least a picture showing the clearance settings and an example of the error you are seeing on the board?

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