Unable to open the .pcb file


Hello, I am new to PCB design software (no experience with Altium or Eagle) learning KICAD. I am trying to open the OLIMEX ESP 32 EVB IoT and the schematics opens successfully but the pcb file says UNABLE TO OPEN FILE BECAUSE IT WAS MADE USING A MORE RECENT SOFTWARE: I dont think I am using an older software cause I have downloaded it a day ago on the KiCAD official website. Thanks in advance


Kicad comes in two “flavors”. The so called stable release (Most current version is 4.0.7) and the development snapshots (= nightly builds)
For a lot of operating systems the later are build every night directly from the current master branch of the source repo.
My guess would be that you installed the stable version whereas the project was created using nightly builds.


Right. I have just checked it.


Thank you for the quick reply. How do I know the nightly build version for the project I have?


Assuming this is the project you talk about: https://github.com/OLIMEX/ESP32-EVB

Rev D looks like to be made with a quite recent version. (It must be after the merger of the sym-lib-table stuff as the library name is included in the symbol definitions inside the schematic file.)
So you could use the one from today.

Man if they use a nightly they should really mention that in the readme. Gonna write an angry issue about that :wink:


HAHAHA yes, and this is absolute trouble for a beginner like me.


Olimex gave a presentation at FOSDEM, and they said they update KiCad literally every day. They say they need the new features, and only once had a massive panic when it stopped working.

I guess it’s the “modern engineering” methods, instead of the old ideas of using fixed baselines.


Hey Rene, I have downloaded the recent nightly build and tried opening the pcb file, it succesfully open without an error but the problem is it shows only a black background with white grids. NO PCB DESIGN. :crying_cat_face:


Have you tried Rev_D? I can open it without any problem.


Got it Pedro. Thank you again. I was opening the rev b . My bad.


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