Unable to open my PCB because IO_ERROR

Big issue on Kicad PCB.
Project is open, schematic, CvPCB ok but my PCBnew work doesn’t open because IO_ERROR popup.
My Pcb work is empty !

A popup say:

IO_ERROR : the layer 'Draw.userin the file <C:\ProgramFiles(x86\Kicad\Project\Project.kicad_pcb> line 2658,position74 is not define in section “layer”
f:/kicad-launchpad/stable/stable_2013-07-07_BZR4022/pcbnew/pcb_parser.cpp: lookUplayer(): line 760.

I don’t understand why it’s write f:/ … because f:/ is my DVD RW player ! and the kicad software is on C:/.
Yesterday i close my work without issue.

Help me or i will lost a week routing work !



open the .kicad_pcb file in a text editor and fix the wrong layer name.