Unable to make a connection between 2 components


I’m working with Ubuntu 21.10, latest nightly build.

The title says most of it. Here are some illustrations. I would like to join VO of the small regulator
to its output cap and also to the “V10VA” label.

I did this zillons of times without any problem. Beside this, I also have other regulators of the
same kind on the same circuit.
The result is as follows, it doesn’t “weld”, and the square end of the wire stays as is.

But the other connection wire connects without any problem.

Any idea of what happens?

It looks like the parts have been moved slightly off grid. What is your grid setting?

Using a fine grid (1 unit) is indeed the usual cause for this.
Eeschema is very dependent on the exact coordinates of lines matching with the attachment points of the pins.
When I magnify your screenshot I see a small difference, and that’s big enough for KiCad to not accept a connection.

The only way to work comfortably for drawing schematics in KiCad is to use a coarse grid. a grid of 50mil is the most logical choice. All footprints and connection wires must then be drawn on that grid.

Items such as texts can be drawn off-grid by holding the [CTRL] key while dragging them.

If you have set the grid back to a coarse value, then off-grid schematic symbols can be put back on the grid by hovering over them, depressing g and moving the mouse a bit.

Modified the text to make it more clear that this grid issue is only for the connections in the schematic, and not for the PCB.


This message in general is right, but I just wanted to highlight that this only applies to the schematic editor, not the board editor. This might be obvious to some, but I wanted to clarify it for new folks who might come across this thread.

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Because this indeed seems to be the classic grid problem and you are in 5.99, you can set the grid to the normal 50mil if it’s not already, select the items which are off-grid and use context menu -> Align Elements to Grid.



Thanks for your replies. Indeed, it was a grid problem. I have probably used a finer grid at some
time, and slightly moved a few components.
Many thanks, there is in fact no problem.