Unable to load hierarchical sheet schematics

I’m facing new issue while opening schematics which i recently moved to anther folder.
It says Erro occured attempting to load hierarchical sheet schematics.
Error 25-08-2020 10_43_26

Because you have moved some files, is it possible that the hierarchical sheet points to a file path which is now wrong? Open each hierarchical sheet box’s properties and check the file path.

You mean the “Manage symbol libraries path”?
If so its to the new path

2)I’ve tried another way:
I’ve saved old project in the same folder (using File-Save as with different name)
But here whatever i’m making new file(sch) is changing to old sch. Suppose If I add a new component in new file it’ll mirrored in the Old

Can you open the whole message in the Error dialog? it looks like there could be “More” on the bottom of the message dialog? What does it tell?

It just says
Unable to open filename "E:\Filename\Schematicheirarchial file.sch for reading.
Except for that hierarchial shcematic(SD USB) others are opening

The file name seems to have a preceding space. That must be a mistake because Windows doesn’t accept a space as the first character of a file name, or at least doesn’t let me easily create such file name.

EDIT: one reason why quoting error messages and other messages VERBATIM without placeholders is important.

But what about other question:
When i create a duplicate in the same folder with different name, If i’m changing the new file content it mirrors in old sch

Duplicate of what?..

Duplicate of current schematic .sch

I still don’t understand.

In general in one project there’s the main .sch file. When you open it, you can add hierarchical sheets to that schematic. Each hierarchical sheet has the name and the file name. If two hierarchical sheet file names point to the same file, editing the schematic inside that one file is reflected in both sheets when you go inside each sheet.

So, can you explain further which is a duplicate of what and what is the problem?

Or zip and attach the project here.

I’ve duplicated main the .sch file not the hierarchical sheet.
Shall I send you through Private message?

Rather not, but if you can replicate the problem by creating a dummy project from scratch everyone could see what’s going on.

If you hover over the symbol box for a hierarchical sheet and press e for edit, you can change the file name of the hierarchical sheet.

Maybe you’ve used absolute paths there, and you are acutally using the old files?

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It resolved just changed the file name.
But after that it’s randomly changing each pages ID in hierarchical.
Like for eg., Block Diagram Page ID changes to 8/9 and Power to 7/9.
meaning the order is changing automatically when i save as PDF , it prints Block diagram at the end. Do you know why?