Unable to have 2 power flags - Newbie alert

I have a new schema symbol which I created. the Vcc and GND pins are marked as power inputs

The issue is when I try to add two power flags, I get a DRC error.

On the PCB layout page, the header pins show ground where Vcc is connected

Could you please point out what am I doing incorrectly

C2 looks suspicious.

C2 is basically a decoupling capacitor

It looks too green to me.


thanks and well spotted !!!

several hours of misery ended

you made me laugh :joy:

I love the concise and respectful answer.

BTW: Why almost every newbie in KiCad uses as much of junctions? I’ve browsing many forums and such cases are there quite widespread…

Probably because of the confusing UI in KiCad. It’s just not obvious when a pin or wire is connected or not. Until one has learned the nuances of KiCad, newbies play the safe option.

I’ve been using KiCad for years and it still trips me up occasionally.

You are right. Brief look look at the schematic above and i would say that no junctions are needed there except on 2 wires connecting GND pins 1 and 2 and on SMA connectors.

Because deleting a wire segment at a Tee junction does not automatically remove the now unnecessary junction. I hope the upcoming Eeschema rewrite will address this bug

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