Unable to find symbol for USB Connector in KiCAD or Digikey USB Connector libraries

I would like to place a Mini USB 10Pin Type B Female SMT PCB Port Mount Charger Socket Connector in my circuit… I know, niche right… and if possible I’d like to find the component online before attempting to create the component myself within KiCAD. It looks like this:


Does anyone know of a more extensive USB Connector library than Digikey’s? They don’t have this particular component in there.

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Let’s clarify terminology first. Symbol is for the schematic. Footprint is for the PCB layout. You probably need both?

Learning to make these are an essential skill. Given the part I’m guessing you are going to have to learn this soon anyhow. :wink: That said, I think the place Digikey uses will do these on request. I forget their name but you may need an account and there may be other restrictions. I believe @Rene_Poschl has done some tutorials on creating these. Check the FAQ. A good place to start in any case. :smiley:

My mistake on the terminology, not hard to tell I’m new at this … :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll only need the footprint to be accurate for this particular project, the symbol can be anything because I’m not connecting it to anything.
I’ll have a look at Rene Poschl’s tutorials as you suggest.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Even if you download a symbol from somewhere you still have to learn to manipulate it for your particular schematic. I hate seeing a schematic with crossed traces when it could have easily been avoided by swapping a pin.

huh? do they pair the pins to get 5 effective pins?
(sorry for my lack of understanding of USB…)

No, there are 10 different pins. You need of course a 10 pin male/female connectors and cable. It’s not any standard. The standard 5-pin usb plug can be plugged into this 10 pin female port and the standard 5 USB pins can be used that way, but not vice versa.

Here is a resource that I have used in the past. I would search for “usb c”.
Good luck!

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