Unable to Find Segment with an end point

Every time am doing a PCB edge cut outline, I always come across this error that is attached on the photo. I don’t know what the error means but t takes me a lot of time before I get the right thing. I always tries to redraw the edge cut until I come up with the correct end results. Is there another easy way that I can do this without deleting and redoing the edge cut which is quit tiring and time consuming? I will be very glad to see hilarious solutions from the community members. Thanks!

It means you didn’t close the polygon. One way to ensure the line segments form a closed shape is to align the vertices with the grid. If your shapes are more complicated, you should use an external CAD program to construct the shape, then import into EdgeCuts, and I’m sure the agony uncles will jump in and explain how to do this.

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wow! this is very informative. Let me wait for more explanation about the external CAD software and which CAD software i should settle for. I will be very glad to know how it is done. I have been suffering for long

If your pcb outline is simple, use a 1mm grid and draw graphic lines on the edgecut layer.
If your pcb outline has a complex shape use any CAD program that can export a DXF file that KiCad can import.


can fussion 360 work with KICAD?

KiCad can import both the .DXF and .SVG vector formats.
.DXF is a very old and limited file format, but KiCad can get raw vectors from it.
.SVG has lots of fancy features, and only some basic functionality is understood by KiCad.

Any program that can generate either of those output formats may work with KiCad.

FreeCAD has a “KiCad StepUp” workbench, which is explicitly designed for working with KiCad (works both ways, you can import a KiCad PCB into FreeCAD). FreeCAD is a quite powerful Open Source CAD program, but it is does have a quite steep learning curve, and I think it’s still not quite “ready” yet.

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A quick search with the phrase “Fusion 360 export DXF” returned several tutorials which talk about details you need to be aware off. Happy reading and experimenting.

However I do not recommend using Fission 360. It causes widespread devastation. (Joke) :wink:

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Thank you so much for the direction. Am now a happy man. I f I will have more questions, I will be back here.

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