Unable to find Footprint

Disclaimer, I am a novice trying to build my first PCB layout.
Using KiCad Version 7.0.2-0

I am unable to find footprints in the KiCad library or SnapEDA, so seeking help.
The following are the components

Degson DG128-7.5-03P Screw TerminalBlock and the following three Caps
The Caps were purchased from DigiKey. I loaded the DigiKey Symbols and Footprints for KiCad from git, but no luck on search by part number.

Also I did find TerminalBlock_RND:TerminalBlock_RND_205-00068_1x03_P7.50mm_Horizontal for the Terminal Block that looks compatible but not aware of why Pin 1 had a square pad and the others round pads ?

Any Help appreciated.

For parts like capacitors, just get the dimensions from the datasheet and then pick the generic capacitor footprint that most closely matches. Those look like axial capacitors amd one rectangular capacitor. You’ll find footprints under Capacitor_THT, in various forms (axial, disc, radial, rect) and dimensions.

Worst comes to the worst you can make your own footprints. They are basically a couple of pads and a courtyard.

It’s a common practice to orientate the part.

Thank you for the prompt response

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