Unable to drag the end of a wire only

When moving a symbol, the connected wires lose their orthogonal orientation and end up at any angle.

When I try to drag the end or corner of a wire connection (using G), the whole section moves instead of just the end or corner, so restoring the V & H orientation becomes impossible unless I delete the wires and redo them.

I’ve tried to find mention in this forum, but no joy. What am I doing wrong?

V 6.0.4

First thing you are doing wrong is using an old KiCad version. KiCad is progressing quite fast, and there is about a newer version each month. Currently it’s V6.0.10 and updates in the third number are bug fixes and upgrade should always be safe. More about those changes on: Release Notes | KiCad EDA

Second, the g fro drag shortcut should work, but it’s subtle. If you press it while a selection is active, it drags the selection, if you press it on top of a wire, the wire moves (and what is connected gets dragged) If you press it exactly on a corner, then only the corner moves and you can straighten those pesky wires. (There may have been some small changes made for this in between V6.0.4 and V6.0.10).

KiCad V7 is just around the corner, it’s expected around the end of this month and KiCad V7 can drag sections while keeping connections perpendicular. You can already try out KiCad V7.0.0-rc1 by installing “KiCad-Nightly” from the kicad website. It is important to know though that if you save your project in the new version, you can not open it anymore in an older KiCad version.

… aaand suddenly it’s working again and I can drag the end and the corner.

All that I did was move the segment away, then return it, after which it again behaved as expected.

Must be an intermittent bug which causes the cursor to get stuck on M for some reason.

Thanks for the advice, Paul. It’s definitely time to update. (Should really have done so before whinging…)

V7 so soon after V6! Development really is moving fast. I’m looking forward to the new version 7.