Unable to download kicad version 4.0.4 or 4.0.3 using ppa for Ubuntu


But but reporting bugs sounds like work :frowning:


I would think most of the bug are actually already reported by one way or the other on launchpad. A lot of them are overlap too. So I would think, you will never end of with a launch pad with bug free for sure… It is because so many people love KiCad.


Find the ones that apply to you and help the devs find the reason behind them. Add further info if necessary and mark them as “affects me as well” while giving your kicad version info (if different from the everyone else who reported)


I can’t (nor would I want to) force you to report the issues you reference in your posts. But to my knowledge, there are no remaining bugs in 5.x that did not exist in 4.0.7. And I’ll re-iterate: If you decide not to report the bugs, they may never be fixed.


It is understandable the bug never got fix if not reported. But however, I would hope developer them self actively seek for the bug/way automatically test for bugs. I don’t even’t hear bug report for very very old versions of KiCad, but somehow they are still usable for doing boards. So I would think bug report is a good system but not the only path.


KiCad is developed by volunteers. There is no specialized bug hunting team. We users are the bug hunters.


The more software get complex, the more it need a test codes… It is the way to keep it healthy. It is a valuable practice as developer. And user report bug, but if develop do not try to play with their own creation, then it likely create a misconception of what user need. And as developer, it is a good practice too. I’m a developer myself, I would think that way :-). As user, testing also volunteers. So only rely on one side whichever side won’t be healthy.


It wasn’t exactly a bug that’s why I didn’t report. It was merely the arrangement of libraries, which I should’ve taken care of.
But I’d gladly report if I find anything crucial in 4.0.7 as well as 5.x


The stuff regarding bugs was not aimed at you. The problems you faced are solved in kicad v5 as it includes the library name and not jest the symbol name in the schematic. This means you no longer need to manage library priorities.


I am tempted to use 5.x now


Due to manpower constraints, if you find a bug in 4.0.7, you will simply need to live with it as we do not have sufficient volunteers to maintain further updates to that version. However, if you find a bug in the 5.x series and report it, it will be fixed. For this reason, unless you have ongoing 4.0.7 projects, I would recommend users plan to upgrade to the 5 series.