Unable to convert 5.1.10 to 5.99 (.sch -> .kicad_sch)

I seem unable to load up a schematic from 5.1.10 in 5.99 and properly save it. It just produces an error when I try to load it again. Any thoughts on what I might try? I just gave the nightly a spin, the file is is kicad-msvc.r24667.b88473e41f-x86_64.exe

Hello Bson,

The problem probably has to do with:forum.kicad.info/t/5-99-is-killing-5-1-10

Just an idea…I think that the older 5.99s are accessible at the repository. Try to open the 5.1 file using an older 5.99. Try to do that and save. Then I think you would be able to open with the newer 5.99? This may involve a 2 step conversion of file formats.

To minimize risk, make a new copy of the folder with all the files for each step.

Any more specific recommendations from someone who knows more than I do?

UPDATE: I do not see any Windows 5.99 installers from before October. Are they available somewhere?

The errors seem to occur on a line with a “stroke” command. The offending section of the .kicad_sch’s look like this (apologies for the screenshot, I know it sucks but I can’t figure out how to insert code or preformatted text using this forum software):

The parser seems to expect (stroke A) and not (stroke A B C). The line offset is always the character between the first and second argument to stroke.

Any chance that you can share your project?

I think you just need to wait for the next nightly and try again. There was a bug fix around 16 hours ago that I believe fixed this issue.

For me (in V5.99) I have different kinds of “strokes” in a schematic.

            (xy 0 0)
            (xy 0 2.54)
          (stroke (width 0)) (fill (type none))
        (rectangle (start -1.778 -22.352) (end -0.762 -23.368)
          (stroke (width 0)) (fill (type none))
        (rectangle (start -2.54 1.27) (end 2.54 -46.99)
          (stroke (width 0)) (fill (type background))
  (wire (pts (xy 125.73 173.99) (xy 134.62 173.99))
    (stroke (width 0) (type solid) (color 0 0 0 0))
    (uuid 5d88a098-f981-4dd7-9d84-1231de752cda)

Inserting a sequence of three tickmarks (Same key as tilde, upper left corner of the keyboard, but without shift) before and after the code section works for me.

There also is:
… which suggests:

indent preformatted text by 4 spaces
But it needs an empty line before it also.

Fixed in today’s nightly, so looks like it was a brief regression.

Yeah, that was my bad. Sorry folks.

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