Unable to change symbol text appearance

Hello folks!

I’m stuck on creating new symbols in my project library, to be precise I want to make a new opamp symbol.

Since there are plenty of opamp symbols in Kicad library I’ve decided to copy one of them (Opamp_Quad_Generic looks nice) to my project library. This seemed pretty simple, open library editor….right click copy from existing library, and right click paste in my library, finally save library. The problem appears in the moment when I try to do use this symbol in my schematic. It appears I can not change text position (move up or down by changing X or Y coordinate) or rotate visible symbol properties (name or value). I can input new X position value in properties window, and click OK, but program twitches for a moment (like it is trying to move the property) but then decides it will not do that and ignores request. If I open property window once again, all my changes (changed X position) are gone.

Any suggestions?

I apologize if this problem has already been discussed in another thread. I couldn’t find it.

Kicad Version: (5.0.2)-1, release build

UPDATE: Close and open Kicad solved the problem!?!?!??!

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