Unable to add footprint to new symbol due to "not a valid library identifier"

Hi, I am new to Kicad and using version 6.0.6. I have created a new symbol to which I tried to assign a footprint → I am using a SO-8EP footprint. This footprint already exists in the library which is the one i would like to use:


Unfortunately I get this error:

Please could someone tell me where i am going wrong? Thanks a lot.

Do you have the library added to global or project library table?

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I created the new symbol in the global library.

You need to add both the name of the library and the name of the footprint in the link.

In the screenshot of the example below, the full name is:

The part in front of the colon is the library name, and the part after the colon is the part name.
When a editing field is active, you can also click on the “book shelf” icon to browse to your library symbol.

Okay, in that case have I happened to select a footprint that is not in a library?

If you look at my screenshots, these happened because I used the “book shelf” icon to select the footprint.

i.e. is there something wrong about this particular footprint? Try choosing it yourself (“SO-8EP”) and you will see the problem.

Use the full name, it has the library name, then a colon, and then the footprint name.
Something like:


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Thank you!

I thought that double clicking on the footprint in the library browser would automatically do this but apparently not. It was also not clear to me in the GUI to which package the Diodes_SO-8EP footprint belonged.

I also had to add a 9th pin which I missed off in the original post.

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