Unable to add custom library

Hi there
I am adding my custom footprint library.
footprint editor --》preferences 》footprint library wizard 》files on my computer then folder selection then to global lib config or current project only then click finish.
But in library search window there is no custom lib…

Instead of footprint wizard, select the library manager option… then take a screenshot of the bottom of that list there:

What how to use lib. Manager?
Copy path from computer then paste here?

It’s a good idea for any directories and files that you might want to update eg via GitHub, to be in /users/yourname/kicad.
Program Files requires administrator rights to write


Which one doesn’t work… test.pretty or test1.pretty?

Also, how does your KISYSMOD path variable look like (it’s in that same window, in the area below)?

PS: for screenshots I’d use something else than a camera :wink:

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The Windows “Snipping Tool” is great for screenshots and very easy to use!


Or lookup Greenshot for a nice shot grabber

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Thanks :slight_smile:

For what exactly? Could you solve your problem?