UI Accelerator for Symbol Property Table


I was just thinking how I set all the “H Align” and “V Align” for symbol properties to the same values, and how much clicking is necessary to accomplish this (see screenshot below for context).

This could be a good place for a modifier key to accelerate this common task.

For example, if you click one cell of the table under “V Align” and choose “Bottom” while holding a modifier key, then all “V Align” cells for all rows below the one you’ve selected are set to the chosen value.

This could work well for checkboxes and dropdowns.

For text fields (like “Text Size” in the screenshot), perhaps this could work in conjunction with the enter key to set all cells in the column, but this I’m less certain about this since I cannot think of a precedent for this kind of interaction in UI for professionals. Not to say it couldn’t work, but it might feel mysterious.

Does anyone out there also find themselves in this situation, with lots of clicking to set the same value for all rows?

Other than Library Symbol Properties, I’m also thinking this would be useful in EESchema’s Symbol Properties … might there be any other obvious places where this could help reduce monotonous clicks?

Screenshot 2022-11-02 at 15.13.07

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