Ughh, the current libraries are a mess


I am tempted to make this thread a FAQ item for the new user who pops up every three months asking why their parts are not all included as they want them


But then you also have to include the contrary position, like mine, of downloading parts that I’ll likely never use… with limited data in my current location.


Just ensure that battery holder footprints all end up in one place.


I agree with you that the Nightly file size has got out of hand due to including default 3d libraries


Again, I’d call this a “mess” again.

How many users are going to use all those 3d shapes that they were forced to download?

I think the current 3d shape library is most awesome! And I wish everyone GREAT THANKS! for the effort they spent to make it happen.

VERY BIG VERY GREAT THANKS to everyone on the Library Team to make it what it now is.

Please, just don’t make me download everything every time.

And, please, put KLC compliant parts in the minimal download that new users can order those parts to make their small project happen.


Just ensure that battery holder footprints all end up in one place. <- feel free to add what you think is missing.


That was accomplished 60+ posts ago.

Improving the system would be one thing but so far the discussion has focused on changing the system, albeit in a way that would make things worse.

If the same effort was put into reviewing PRs there wouldn’t be a need for the discussion.


Which is in the hands of the developer team really (v5/v6) and as you know by now, the librarians see it similar to you and want things differently to what they are now.
We’ll get there, just not tomorrow :wink:


Don’t know, could be any number between 0% and 100%. But, this only applies to the nightly builds and, as the download page for the nightly builds states:

Nightly Development Builds

The nightly builds are snapshots of the codebase at a specific time. They may contain more bugs than usual, although we try our best. Use them for testing the newest features:

I think it is safe to say that the nightly builds are not meant for the ‘regular user’.

If you want or need some of the features from the nightly builds that are not in the stable, be prepared for bugs. This could also include having a far bigger download than for the stable build and may include things you will never need or use since they are only included for testing (or are a bug that slipped through).


Splitting the Windows Nightly Build into two, core (with symbols and footprints) and 3d models is not a v4 vs v5 issue, but due to Winbuilder. The installed result is the same, the idea is to download the 3d models less often


Has anyone of you (who is affected by the large download size of windows builds) talked in any way to the guys responsible for packaging? (bug tracker or better mailing list)




So it’s only acceptable to work harder, not smarter? People have raised issues about this in the forums AND the developers lists. Wouldn’t more input on the matter be a way of generating new ideas, and looking at what resources there are? If the users want to raise their issues about this stuff, let them.

Open dialogue with users and stakeholders is a good thing :slight_smile:


Please keep this thread polite.
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Not my statement. Just a rant from another forum and I kinda thought it would be a good point of view to interject.

I think most newbies though WILL be influenced by the library. All of this can be a steep learning curve. Adding building parts in keeps them from getting that quick start. At the end of the day the user base is what keeps/makes this kind of project successful. I think the gEDA project is what it is because they haven’t been able to reach ‘critical mass’.


I believe the question of “Should the standard KiCAD installation include a full set of libraries?”, or variations of it, has been discussed for most of a year. At one point it was suggested that KiCAD should include a minimal set of conservatively constructed symbols and footprints suitable for new users to learn the program. The intent was to avoid typical new-user problems with library structure and organization, and to introduce the concept of constructing custom symbols and footprints from existing work. After you are comfortable with the program’s basic operation you could add the full set of extensive libraries, either in its entirety or just the portions you need.



Hhmmm … I (personally) would be anoyed by getting an installation with the limited set only and having to LEARN how to get the full set (I personally would want to getthe full set and then choose from it what I need … learning how to do my own symbols if I need to is another thing and I don’t want to be forced to lear a program a certain that others think is good). The ideal solution for me would be:

a small installer that contains the program only, but lets me select during install which libraries I want. I would think that maybe a few basic libs (but then what is basic???) could be pre-selected, but I can easily click SELECT ALL …

  • there should be an easy option to update the existings libs and add new ones from within KiCAD once it is installed.

BTW: The new library structure will consist of 3 repos one for symbols, one for footprints and one for 3D … the question would be how to select a basic set of symbol from them … putting these into separate repos does not really work, as then we would have to maintainthose two sets that could also diverge …



It could be done on the installer level.
The installer script would need a file that tells it what we deem a basic lib. This file of course would need to be maintained.
So more work for the packaging guys.


Can you point me to the repos that implement this structure? It’s totally ok if they are not complete. I would like to poke around their structure.