Ubuntu User Comments to Newest Nightly

Anyone following my threads should know that I have a friend that runs Ubuntu and I run Win 7.

I was on the phone with him while he talked about the process of opening KiCad and “un-archiving” a KiCad project that I had created.

It seemed that him closing and re-launching KiCad had different affects; he talked to me about the differences he saw on the screen.

I don’t know why, but it seemed to take 2 or 3 different attempts to close and re-launch KiCad to get to his “new normal”.

He liked the new schematic rescue interface. However, in the end, it did not provide a usable schematic for the project. I think there is the possibility of an underlying bug here.

There did not appear to be any issues with opening PcbNew. And, the 3D viewer also appeared to function fine.

This guy has been a friend of mine for a long time. Hearing him over the phone it was apparent that he was very excited by the new features presented in KiCad!

I run both Ubuntu and Windows builds and really like how similar the experience is.
Updating oldish projects onto latest Nightly has been “interesting”, but once done is seamless. Note that I am not planning to publish any of these projects, something Nightly users have to beware of doing.

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Our builds are likely closer in time to each other then the average KiCad user. But, not as close as yours appears to be.