Ubuntu finally caught up with Kicad

Seems as though this sign now belongs in the past with the latest upgrade to Mint downloaded and installed.


Very nice to have the Interactive Html Bom back again! :grin:


…i’m in the mood of debianizing everything to the ground!.. not sure if it’s a good idea, anyway…


I’ve done a few backports.


Yes, thank you @GyrosGeier for getting this up and running for everyone. We would still be trying to figure it out without your help :slight_smile:


Thanks for doing this, but some how I can’t get it to work. I added the ppa and did a sudo apt update but I’m still getting the error. I’m on Ubuntu 20.04 and I’m getting a wxWidgets 3.0.4 message instead of 3.0.5:



i think that the ppa provided by GyrosGeier was only a temporary workaround.
Now you should be able to make it work using the ‘usual’ ppa as listed here:

Was this fixed in the last few minutes? I just installed this morning (Pacific Time Zone).


for me (cet) is working from late this morning.

So I ran: apt list --upgradable

And there were a lot of packages that were upgradable:

Listing... Done cmake-data/focal,focal 3.25.1-12ppa1~ubuntu20.04 all [upgradable from: 3.16.3-1ubuntu1.20.04.1] cmake/focal 3.25.1-12ppa1~ubuntu20.04 amd64 [upgradable from: 3.16.3-1ubuntu1.20.04.1] kicad-demos/focal,focal 7.0.0-1-202302141038+da2b9df05c~163~ubuntu20.04.1 all [upgradable from: 6.0.11-0-202302012048+2627ca5db0~126~ubuntu20.04.1] kicad-doc-en/focal,focal 7.0.0-0-202302131639+2028~33~ubuntu20.04.1 all [upgradable from: 6.0.10-0-202212181943+1944~33~ubuntu20.04.1] kicad-footprints/focal,focal 7.0.0-0-202302131635+a0388d07e~11~ubuntu20.04.1 all [upgradable from: 6.0.10-0-202212181946+24671f775~11~ubuntu20.04.1] kicad-libraries/focal,focal 7.0.0-0-202302131635+9~ubuntu20.04.1 all [upgradable from: 6.0.10-0-202212182040+9~ubuntu20.04.1] kicad-packages3d/focal,focal 7.0.0-0-202302131641+bbee2295~9~ubuntu20.04.1 all [upgradable from: 6.0.10-0-202212181947+417c4ea8~9~ubuntu20.04.1] kicad-symbols/focal,focal 7.0.0-0-202302131638+08a25991~7~ubuntu20.04.1 all [upgradable from: 6.0.10-0-202212181945+3ec40517~7~ubuntu20.04.1] kicad-templates/focal,focal 7.0.0-0-202302141041+66d7655~9~ubuntu20.04.1 all [upgradable from: 6.0.10-0-202212181944+ae2b46f~9~ubuntu20.04.1] python3-software-properties/focal-updates,focal-updates all [upgradable from:] python3-wxgtk4.0/focal 4.2.0+dfsg-1~bpo20.04+2 amd64 [upgradable from: 4.0.7+dfsg-2build1] software-properties-common/focal-updates,focal-updates all [upgradable from:] software-properties-gtk/focal-updates,focal-updates all [upgradable from:] ubuntu-advantage-tools/focal-updates 27.13.5~20.04.1 amd64 [upgradable from: 27.13.3~20.04.1]

This showed up after adding Simon R’s PPA, but I removed the PPA and this was still there. I did a sudo apt upgrade and all these packages got installed and the warning went away. I’m able to run my BOM script so I guess everything is working. Huh.


@Seth_h …is there any progress being made regarding this issue while using official Ubuntu releases in 22.04?

What issue are you having? Ubuntu has been working properly (via our PPA) for a while now.

No, we have no control over the official Ubuntu packages

Ubuntu imports the KiCad package from Debian unstable/testing.

Debian testing is currently frozen in anticipation of the new release, and KiCad 7 was released a few days too late to make the cut.

This is massively annoying, as we cannot update any of the “official” package sources with KiCad 7 until Debian bookworm is released.

I was looking earlier today and can’t really get a good handle on when Debian 12 will drop. Mid year was the closest to a firm date I saw.

I’ve uploaded a first shot of 7.0.1 packages to experimental yesterday.
If people are interested (and have some knowledge) they can pick up recent KiCat versions for unstable and also for testing from the experimental repository. Due the freeze the all the three repos are really close and for KiCad it’s save to pick the packages from experimental.

The freeze for Debian 12 is looking good at least to me and there a re good chances we can have a shorter time till the official release than on other Debian releases.

But I wont have time nor the resources to provide some kind of KiCad backports right now for users of the current stable or the testing release.

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