UART symbol in Kicad to txd rxd

How to add UART symbol for TXD RXD?

Symbols in kicad represent components so which component should your “uart” symbol represent?

I working with ULN2003, ESP32 and CP2104 and Ubus.

Doesn’t the ESP32 have a built-in UART? Why do you need an additional symbol? Maybe you just need some connector pins labelled TxD and RxD?

I’m only making a guess, but is that UART “symbol” you are using a signal label that contains both the TxD and RxD? If so, you may have to wait for KiCad v6 for the enhanced bus architecture that allows arbitrarily named signals on a bus.
See here (should start the video at 0:43):

I’m using only ESP32 chip from whole board for developing a new project.

Thank you for response.

Maybe you’re looking for a bus label?

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