Type C footprints (cheaper options)

Hi all. In 2020, I switched all my designs over to USB Type C, so I just wanted to share these footprint files that others may find useful. Kicad comes with a few Type C connectors from well known vendors such as Molex, Amphenol and Würth, but I needed some cheaper alternatives. I also wanted to use Type C for power only in some cases and connectors for this could be found at LCSC for as little as $0.2 and less at low volumes.

Be advised that the parts from Korean Hroparts Elec that I started with are claimed to withstand 10k mating cycles - just like parts from Molex and Amphenol. Based on experience from the last 10 months, they hold up reasonable well, but on anything that you know will be used on a daily basis - use a more expensive part?

Over time I’ve also purchased and tested some alternate parts for these footprints so I’m sharing these hoping that more people switch to Type C so I’ll get less cables in my USB drawer in the future :slight_smile:

You can find the files here:


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