Two questions - layout issues

Hi - two questions:

  1. Is there an easy way to find “extra” traces in a board layout? I laid everything out, but then I realized I needed to update a bunch of schematic symbols and that ended up adjusting my ratsnest. When I connect the new ratsnest lines, I’m noticing traces I previously drew that make no sense and need to be removed. What’s the best way to try to track these down?

  2. I have a hierarchical sheet that’s re-used 8 times in my schema (all 8 sheets are sourced from the same file). What’s really weird is that in my board layout, 7 of the 8 groups of parts are identical, but one of the 8 has different nets for some of the pads. Is it possible this is just an optimization somewhere? I’m struggling to explain it but can’t figure out why those nets are different. When I click on each instance of the parts in question, the schematic updates and shows me the parts are indeed the same instance of the part in the hierarchy… Can provide more troubleshooting info as requested.

Thanks again - really appreciate the help. This board is a lifesaver.

Please ignore question 2 - found the issue; had an extra junction outside the hierarchy in my schematic. So that one use of the hierarchy was different. User error :).

Try Edit->Cleanup Tracks and Vias…

great - thanks! didn’t know about that feature.

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