Two PCB connected via header pins


I would like to draw two PCB that are connected via male/female header pins for some I/O pins, I2C, power & Gnd …

How shall I go about doing this ?

Can I do it in a single schematic n single pcbnew or do I need a separate files for each .sch & .kicad_pcb ??



I prefer 2 different projects, one per pcb. I usually do it this way.


I think kicad generally assumes that one project holds only one pcb.


You could, but when you generate gerbers you will get both PCBs in the same gerbers. Depending on how you intend to manufacture that may or not be a problem. You could even design them as a mini-panel.

Generally it is recommended to keep one PCB per project, but if you are aware of the limitations there is not really a problem. I guess worst case is you have to split it into two PCBs later.


I am bit confused how it will look like between those male/female? But waiting to see …


You can do protosnap., Test without headers. Snap them apart and install headers.



Kinda like how Arduino shield concept … male pins attached to a female headers …


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