Two layouts, two .equ files, one schematic

Hello all, I’m working on a project that will have both a through-hole-soldered version as well as a SMT version. Because the project is under active development, I need to keep both designs in sync with one another. The obvious solution to would be to create two layouts from the same schematic, but with different footprint associations.

However, KiCad seems intent on associating footprints with the schematic itself rather than the PCB layout, so I can’t find a way to maintain both boards with the same schematic. Copying the schematic file to a new project isn’t a good solution, because I run the risk of letting the two files fall out of sync if the process isn’t fully automated.

Is there a way to load .equ files from PcbNew instead of associating them directly with the schematic?

I don’t seem to have been the first to ask about this, but with recent updates I may well be the first to get a satisfactory solution. One can hope!

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