Two layers footprint

Hi all,

In the past, I had to work with this kind of phototransistor, where the 2 pad are on the same coordinate but on different layer. We had to redial the hole halfway to remove the plating.

But sadly I’ve never been able to create a footprint without DRC error, I’m also interested with that kind of design, to connect a coaxial cable for example.

If a footprint guru is out there some tips would be greatly appreciated


I don’t know if this will work without printing the gerbers out but I just stacked two smd pads on top of a NPTH and it let me. Doesn’t display correctly in the 3D viewer but gerbers would tell the real story I guess.

That looks like a candidate for a hole with two smd pads at 180 degrees apart.

See also

Sounds like fun.

The DRC doesn’t give you an error at the layout level ?

I get an unconnected pad error. I don’t see any thing else. But, I haven’t integrated it into the design. I just dropped it onto an existing schematic to see if it worked as a footprint.

Try out that one

OP600.kicad_mod (1.8 KB)

yeah it doesn’t let me connect a trace

Yeah, if we move one pad on the bottom layer, that will work, I just had a more circular design in mind

Of course not. It’s just the foot print. You will have to define a symbol to your liking with two pins as well. Then you are in.

Yeah I know it’s just the footprint,

I mean the two electrode are on different layer,

And still I have a DRC error,

But I can live with that

How about that one?

OP600.kicad_mod (1.8 KB)

Or may be that one.

OP600_2.kicad_mod (1.8 KB)

have a try with this

op600-fp-v4.kicad_mod (2.8 KB)

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That’s mach better. I did not take the components circular shape into account. Been just playing round for fun.

make sure you do not assign a pad number to the non plated hole.

Designed with stepup?

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That is the editor default action. It lists NPTH as “mechanical”.

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@hermit you are right… it this case the bottom pad should have a pad number, because is connected to a component terminal, but if designed as NPTH kicad cannot assign a pad number to a mechanical pad…
(the two top pads have the same pad number)

No problem to have pin numbers on both sides und an npth. Have a close look!

op600-fp-v4.kicad_mod (2.8 KB)