Two blind vias stacked (above each other)

Hi all,

I am currently layouting a 4-layer PCB.

I connected:
Pad 1 (TOP) -> blind via 1 (TOP to In.1) -> blind via 2 (In. 1 to TOP) -> Pad 2 (TOP)

Now I want to do the same. The footprints are located at the same position but on the bottom layer.
Now when I want to place another blind via at the position of blind via 1/2, it tells me, that it will change the net of the connected route (described above), even though I choose the start layer to be BOTTOM and the end layer to be In.2.

Does someone know if this is somehow possible?

I am thankful for any advice.

I guess you have the Allow blind/buried vias disabled.

File->Board Setup->Design Rules-> check Allow blind/buried vias box.

If not allowed, create the via on another place, assign to it the net and the layers and move it on top of the other blind via. Then, trace the track from pad, or whatever it starts, to the via.

Just tested in version 5.1.4

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