Tutoring Help - adapt an existing project

Hi Folks,

I’m new to KiCad, and have watched a ton of Youtube videos, but I’m struggling with what I think is a simple project.

I’ve picked up an open source board someone kindly shared on Github and I want to extend it by adding a sensor specifically for my use case.

The board is a simple ATSAMD21E18A micro-controller and I’m trying to add an MCU 6050 6DoF sensor. I have it working as 2 separate boards here, but want to try and package it into 1 board I can get made.

I’ve got the part details and footprint file from the manufacturer, but the schematic doesn’t seem to be wired up with “wires” instead they have used labels.

I wanted to see if someone had an hour or two to do a zoom-like call and help me get my part added and produce an updated Gerber files ready to upload for making.

I’m happy to compensate for your time of course. I thought about posting this on a freelancer site, but I actually want to learn by doing if I can, and I feel like the learning is KiCad specific, so hope its ok to ask on here.

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