Tutorial for building a PCB

I am a professor at a medical school, and I am getting increasingly into building custom instruments for my research. I am an advanced user of Fusion360. Currently I need to design a very simple PCB that hosts a matrix of 24 microswitches and diodes. It cannot get any simpler than that, but I have never designed a PCB. Would any of you be interested in walking me through the process using Zoom or Teamviewer, so that I can learn the basics while at the same time achieving my goal? I am a fast learner, but if it takes >1 hr I’d be happy to pay you a commensurate hourly wage for your efforts.

There is lots of info available for self study, but it’s quite a jungle as KiCad improves pretty fast, which means that tutorials get out of date quickly.
In a few months time KiCad V6 is expected, which will again make a lot of tutorials feel outdated. Some people have difficulties with this, while others can more easily manage with some things working a bit differently, or finding buttons in other locations in menu’s.

The FAQ part of this website has quite a lot of text based tutorials and in-depth articles about KiCad. Among which is:

This forum is also quite active and there are a lot of friendly people here and questions are generally answered quite quickly.

But maybe this suits your style better:

Should be pretty easy to do.
Might help if I have time tonight.

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