Turret Boards - I need to know if I am on the right track?

I am building on 4mm glass-fibre board with Turrets for a point-to-point style amplifier so no copper layers, just the board and strategically places Turrets. It is a Valve amplifier so all components are TTH with Switches, Potentiometers, Connectors and some other components bolted to the metal chassis.

I have already created new Symbols and Footprints for most of the components but I need to place wire connector points for the off-board components so I am creating “Connector_Wire” Footprints for those. However, there is no copper layer so the wire connectors are Turrets and I need to know if I am doing this correctly? For each Turret, I use a TTH circular Pad with a 2.7mm drill-hole, the size I need for the Turret.

Any help on building Turret Boards would be good. My work is in refurbishing old and building cloned vintage HiFi equipment if that explains anything?

Roger and out

You can put your turret symbols on a schematic with no wires, annotate and update a two layer PCB. I recommend using two layer PTH for strength

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