Turn Off Pixel Smoothing in Bitmap to Component Converter


Hi, I am in the process of doing a PCB layout and would like to add a custom pixel-art logo to my PCB. I tried to do this via the bitmap to component coverter, but I’m running into problem where this adds interpolation between the pixels, which ends up making the image look weird and distorted since it’s meant to be pixelated.

Is there a way I can turn off this automatic smoothing and just get the image out that I put in?


The bitmap converter creates an odd result because the algorithm identifies outlines and creates polygons. It works ok for large graphics or “organic” shapes but it does produce less data. I don’t think it is possible to turn it off.

There are probably some other converters available, I even wrote one myself.


Could you provide a link?



If you have your graphic as a vector file you can use svg2mod


Perhaps this one http://img2mod.wayneandlayne.com/ ?


The first time I tried to import a logo I used GIMP. I had horrible results. I switched to Inkscape and got very nice results. I can’t remember the exact process I did now. I’m not even sure I used bitmap or some other import mechanism. The only thing I remember for sure was GIMP wasn’t cutting it for some reason.


It can be that you used the wrong file format. You need loss less.
JPEG for example might be the wrong format for sharp edges. It removes “high” frequency in its compression algorithm. That’s why text looks horrible when you use JPEG.

If you used inkscape you might have used svg2mod because it is written for inkscape svg files. (it uses inkscape layers to define what feature is on which kicad layer.)


Perhaps this one http://img2mod.wayneandlayne.com/3 ?

Thanks! This worked super well. I’d definitely recommend this solution to anyone dealing with the same problem.