Turn off ERC rules

Is there a way to turn off the ERC Rule “Pins of type Output and Output are connected”? I can’t seem to find it. I know how to solve the error, I just want to know if it’s possible to turn of that check. If it’s not possible, that’s a bug right?

My current settings:

Edit: I’m using 5.99 nightly build from today under Windows 10.

That’s a “pin conflict” ERC warning. Go to the Pin Conflicts Map page and change the settings for that entry (output vs output) from error to ignore.

Note: you may know this already, but in KiCad it is convention to create your symbol differently in order to avoid this kind of ERC warning. I’m not sure what your part is or what the STB pin does, but typically I would not set a GND pin as an output.

Ah, neat! I should’ve found that myself, I was staring to blindly at the Violation dialog. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the tip! I wouldn’t either, this symbol was drawn by a former colleague and it has now been fixed. :slight_smile:

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Well the correct way should be to use the correct pin type for the GND pins, power output rather than the present output

1. Power and ground pins should be set to either Power Input or Power Output

This way an OUTPUT could be tied to GND. However, that STP pin might need to be an INPUT type as generally tying an OUTPUT to GND is asking for damage (hence the ECR)

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