Trying to make a PCB for my project

I’m working on my project pathdriver ( It’s working fine with breaboards and dupont but it become harder and harder to wire everything : :slight_smile:
So i will try to make a PCB to plug all my components to it. I just want a PCB with socket strip where i can plug my differents cards (arduino nano, nrf24, l9110S, etc), some resistors and an On/Off button.
it’s my first project with kicad and i have read the tutorial.

I’ve upload my first work with only arduino nano and nrf24 card. Can you look at it and tell me if i’m wrong somewhere ?
First i’ve this error :
When i’m wanting to import in PCBNew, i’ve these errors > Erreur: Composant '‘A1’ pad ‘D13’ non trouvé dans l’empreinte ‘empreintes:Socket_Strip_Straight_1x15’

Thanks in advance,

Sorry i can not upload an attachment (new user). I will put it on my webserver tomorrow…

It looks like your schematic has a pin numbered D13 and the footprint is numbered pins 1 to 15. You can have a net named D13, but the actual connector pin number must match the footprint


Thank you david…
I will rename the pins as you say.
Someone else told me pin_number should always be a number and i have to put labels (3V3, REF, GND, etc) in the pin_name field.
I will do it before sending you my project.
Thank you !