Trying to import symbols

Would someone do a check for me please.
I am trying to add a component PYF14N omron relay.
this one
The page clearly shows that I can download the symbol, footprint etc but just shows a blank box?
Am I correct or is there some way of downloading the symbol, footprint etc that I am missing?

To download their data you need to make an account and sign up and I won’t do that.
When I download it, it’s also not sure I’ve got the same data as you have.

It’s also for a relay socket for a DIN rails. What do you want to do with that on a PCB?

Also, octopart has been bought by altium, and altium seem to be desperate to find ways to make KiCad look bad and their own product good.

It’s just a zip archive, the footprint and symbol library files are inside it. See How to get a downloaded symbol, footprint or full library into KiCad version 5?.

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