Trying to create a new symbol but it complains library is not writable

I am completely lost, I installed KiCad 6 I found that I cannot create any new libraries or symbols. However, I went into the folder where some of the libraries are and copied one into a new folder and was able to make it come up in the Symbol Editor.

So now I can’t delete or add new symbols it always says: "Symbol Library ‘MyLibrary’ is not writable.

Anyone got any clues to what is going on? I checked and the files are not marked read only and are available for read/write access.

Hello and welcome @Ed_Paay

This FAQ may help you understand the creation and use of Personal Libraries.

Please read through it and reply to this forum if you have any further problems. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I installed KiCad 6

If you are just starting/testing kicad: skip version v6, start immediately with the current version v7 (actual v7.0.2).
The FAQ-article is also working with v7.

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Or wait 1 day (I suppose) and install 7.0.4 :slight_smile:


Yep, fresh off the press! :rofl:

@Ed_Paay , if you decide to stay with 6, the FAQ is almost identical. :slightly_smiling_face: