Trying to connect vias to internal powerplane layers

Hi, I have been trying to connect the GND and +5V connections of my components to specific internal layers. I created a 4-layer board with the inner layer 1 being +5V and inner layer 2 being GND and added filled zones to them respectively. I have been trying to use FreeRoute to do the brunt of the routing, but it only makes through vias to the back layer. I just wanted to know if there is a way to set the vias to the respective layers while also removing the ratnest connections.

I am currently using KiCad V8


In general, normal though hole via’s are used, because there is a cost penalty for producing PCB’s with other types of via’s. Before you go further, you should do some research whether those costs are acceptable to you.

KiCad also supports blind and buried via’s. You can even change the via type by editing it’s properties, but there are limits to what PCB manufacturers can actually make. In general blind via’s can only be made from an outer layer to the layer directly under it, while buried via’s are limited to the layer stack up and the way layers are combined during manufacturing. A via between F.Cu and In2.Cu (without going through the PCB) would be very unlikely for any PCB manufacturer to be accepted. This is not a random process where you can select any layer combination you like. To get more insight into this, you have to do some research in how PCB are made, and what is actually manufacturable.

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