Trying to add DIGIKEY libraries, but now PCB locks up when updating netlist

Is there anywhere that makes sense of how the library system works? Trying to add digkey library in addition to the existing GitHub library. When using an RF module, schematic symbol is there, symbol to footprint association works, but when I try to update the PCB… software hangs and I have to force a reboot.

Unable to progress any farther with my design until there is some way to make sense of how this library system works. Please help!

what kicad version are you using? what OS?
how did you install the libs, github links or downloaded to your local machine?

Hi, Thanks for reaching out. System is Windows 10, vesion 5.0.2

As to installing the github links … I followed the instructions, downloaded to my computer and thought I assigned that as the path. But it always goes to the internet for the parts and tells me cryptic nonsense about .pretty having to be in a section of code or something… Even spent 3 hours with a friend over the phone and still couldn’t get it to work.

Problem is I don’t understand how this file management system works. Is there anywhere I can go to that properly explains how the various modules interact with the libraries? Is there a common central repository… does it branch out to a server farm…?. Why does my computer keep searching the internet for the github files when they should be local as I show on my hard drive? Why can’t I download the library, save to the computer then work and edit that library instead of being told I don’t have permission?

My 2nd problem:
How do I save a symbol after editing? I select a library, find the part that I should be able to edit and re-save as a new part, but this clunky interface makes elementary operations a struggle. So after editing a symbol, how do I re-save it under a new name? The icon in the symbols editor tool that is the op amp with disk on top (save current symbol) is inactive. So what am I doing wrong? I also don’t understand the verbage used (what is .pretty supposed to mean?) I am a hardware engineer, not a Python coder.


Not an explanation of how to add digikey libs but it should still give you a starting point:

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