Trying to add a new component on PCB

Was modifying a pcb i made last week but when i click Alt+3 it only shows the new components i added, and the rest were missing. Was trying to add a cutout and pads for revers mounted drop in leds for my future Keyboard, but when i want to see the model of it, it only show me the cutouts

I don’t see the board outline in your layout. On the other hand I don’t see any cutouts there, either. But if you don’t have the outline in Edge.Cuts layer and have only cutouts there, the 3D view “thinks” you have 3 separate small boards there.

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When there is no board outline defined at all, then KiCad defaults to drawing a rectangle around the footprints.

Posting such big screenshots is also unwieldy. Try to keep screenshots to a with of around 1000 pixels or so. This makes them easily viewable in a web browser window for everyone.

Just added the outline but have the same issue.

Butstill the same problem…

You have to define the size of the PCB itself. Lines in Edge.Cuts, that go around all the switches.