Trs 1/4"(6.35mm) audio socket footprint


Can’t find it on any library? Any tips?


From my limited experience, every manufacturer seems to have multiple models, all physically incompatible with each other. Now would be a great opportunity for you to learn how to make a footprint from the manufacturer’s datasheet of the specific model you plan on purchasing. There are lots of tutorials on YouTube for just this excercise. Contextual Electronics has some good videos.


I agree with SemazuruCDE.
Once you are reasonably familiar wiht KiCad and it’s library manament, learning to draw a footprint for such a component can brobably be done in half an hour or so.
About the same time you need to toothcomb through all the libraries.

And once you are familiar with drawing footprints you can do it in a few minutes.
Having this skill is valuable, my first real use of a self designed (modified) footprint was for a RJ-45, where 2 adjacent connectors shared a hole. No way that could be found in any library.


Thank you guys for a fast reply, i’ll try to do it, so then, where should i upload it so it will be added to new version of libraries?


Make a pull request against:

But first read the library convention:


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