Trouble with pos file

Now that the BOM table already exists
Maybe the XY position of the component can be added.
Make a SMT file.
And the Y position parameter must be a positive number.
Now kicad does not understand why the Y position is a negative number, is it to circumvent a patent?
Local SMT factories do not support position files with negative numbersHUB_4USB2514B_POS.csv (3.9 KB)

Sorry, I don’t follow. Are you saying the placement file that KiCad generates is invalid because it has negative Y coordinates? The file you attached doesn’t have any negative coordinates.
But either way what does this have to do with the plugin?

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Oh, I’ve modified the position file and matched the local SMT factory.
The original file Y-axis exported by kicad is a negative number

That info would have been useful in the first post. But again, I don’t see what this has to do with the plugin. I suggest you report this on bug tracker.

The origin for the .pos file is the auxialiary origin in pcbnew. The negative-Y or the negative-X coordinates depend on the auxiliary origin position, that can be placed anywhere, even outside the pcb.

So select the bottom-left corner of your pcb as the position of the auxiliary origin if you want every coordinate to be positive.

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Just a reminder: Yes kicad uses a left handed coordinate system (positive y axis points downwards)
But this is mapped correctly on export to the pos file that uses a right handed system.

Mentioning this here as it could easily be one of the sources of confusion.

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