Trouble with interactive router

Running KiCad 6.0.5, Windows 10
The interactive router is being weird about letting me route. Here are my current settings:

Here is a few second clip showing the behavior.

If I stop the track and restart it for the point I left off it then will let me route fine with no issue.

Unfortunately this seem to be a known regression of the 6.0 interactive router.
These bugs have been already reported, but not sure if they’re planned to be actually fixed for the 6.0 branch.

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Thanks for the links. It does look like the same issue. At least the second one seems to have been assigned… I will hope that they can fix it sooner than latter. In the mean time it will just be a little annoying.

The workaround is to click mid-way, corner-by-corner in problematic areas, instead of just clicking startpoint-endpoint.

Attach the project (or send it in private), please. Such issues are sometimes difficult to reproduce without the exact layout. Thanks. T.

If you look at the 6.0.x commit history, you will see that a few recent bug fixes are for the Push and Shove Router.

Jon Evans is the developer working on them.
These are already available in the “Testing” builds


Just an update on something I discovered over time of running into this issue while routing my board. It seems to be just an issue of track posture. In this latest recording all I ended up doing to get it to work correctly was to press the / key.

Someone on the Dev team may have already figured that out, but just thought I would share here for anyone it may help.

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Someone on the Dev team asked you to post the PCB file (or DM it if it’s confidential) in order for us to reproduce the problem and fix it. Very often videos are not very helpful, especially if numerical stability (rounding errors) etc is at fault.


I did send you a private message with the project attached the day you asked. Did you get that?

I’ve only seen it today, didn’t get any notification of a PM… anyway, let’s have a look. Thanks!


Thank you, _AW, for posting your work-around. I had a similar problem with the getting_started project, but I was routing it point-to-point manually.

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