Trouble with G and W Shortcuts in PCB

I’m new and running 5.1.2. My first use of an open source program. So far so good.

A problem I have incurred is on PCB: I can’t get the shortcut “G”, Drag Item, to work. It works perfectly in Eeschema, but in PCB it works just like “M”, Move. Also on PCB, “W” doesn’t change Track Width.

Thanks in advance.

Drag limitation is know issue and will be (at least partially) addressed in v6.
To change track width with W you have to first set them up in board settings.

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‘g’ dragging a track in Pcbnew drags a corner with “any angle”
‘d’ dragging a track in Pcbnew drags a segment while keeping orientation.

Just a few years ago KiCad was very incomplete and archaic to use. In the last 5 years or so KiCad has made a tremenous amount of small steps and a few giant leaps forward, but it’s still dragging along some of it’s history and not all functions are fully implemented yet (Compared with commercial PCB program with 20+ years of development behind it). In the state it is now however, KiCad is already “above average”, and it’s the best PCB program I’ve used in the last 30 years or so. And it’s still improving in somewhat irregular intervals, but at a pretty fast average rate.

Thanks for the quick response. Too bad about Grab. Just a minor moving of a footprint means new tracks many times?? I appreciate the tip to set up my track widths. I works nicely.

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Yes. See You can add “this bug affects you” vote there if you’re registered to launchpad.

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