Trouble using templates

I’m trying to use the OSH Park template.

I unzipped the template and copied it into ~/Documents/kicad/template. Then, in KiCad, I do “New Project From Template”. A warning dialog pops up which says this:

And I click “OK”. However, the window that comes up just says “Template Selector” and is otherwise mostly blank. (I can’t show you what it looks like, because I am only allowed to post one image.)

All three tabs (“System Templates”, “User Templates”, and “Portable Templates”) are similarly blank. The only thing that seems strange is that on “System Templates”, the Template Path is /Users/ppelleti/Documents/kicad/template, but on “User Templates”, the Template Path is /Applications/Kicad/ This is the exact opposite of what I’d expect. But, in any case, the OSH Park template doesn’t show up in any of the tabs.

Any idea what I need to do to use the OSH Park template? Thanks!

(I’m using KiCad 4.0.6 on Mac OS X 10.9.5.)

KiCad appears to be complaining about icon.png, but it loads ok for me on Win7. Try opening icon.png.

I found if there is an error during scanning templates it aborts the process, so you will need to fix it to see the templates.

Each template should be in a separate folder as well, so …template/osh-park_2_layer_standard_order/…

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I stripped out the color profile with exiftool -icc_profile= icon.png, and now the warning dialog no longer pops up, but the Template Selector window is still blank. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Did you get any templates before? Do the template folders have templates in?

Seems there are problems with templates on OSX :frowning2:

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I’m a new KiCad user and this is my first time trying to use a template, so no, I’ve never used a template before.

Here is what is in the template folders:

whiteandnerdy:~ ppelleti$ tree /Applications/Kicad/
├── gost_landscape.kicad_wks
├── gost_portrait.kicad_wks
├── pagelayout_default.kicad_wks
└── pagelayout_logo.kicad_wks

0 directories, 5 files
whiteandnerdy:~ ppelleti$ tree ~/Documents/kicad/template/
├── osh-park_2_layer_standard_order
│   ├── CAM
│   ├── meta
│   │   ├── icon.png
│   │   ├── icon.png_original
│   │   └── info.html
│   ├── osh-park_2_layer_standard_order-cache.lib
│   ├── osh-park_2_layer_standard_order.bak
│   ├── osh-park_2_layer_standard_order.cmp
│   ├── osh-park_2_layer_standard_order.kicad_pcb
│   ├── osh-park_2_layer_standard_order.lib
│   ├──
│   ├──
│   ├── osh-park_2_layer_standard_order.sch
│   └── osh-park_2_layer_standard_order.stf

3 directories, 13 files

OK, thanks! I’ll just copy the template manually.

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Did this template issue get resolved? I’m having the same problem with KiCad 4.0.7 or Mac Sierra. I have never gotten templates to work.

I haven’t downloaded 4.0.7 yet (it’s on my to-do list), but I’m not aware of the problem being solved.

I wrote a little program to let me instantiate templates from the command line. (It copies and renames the files, so I don’t have to rename them manually.) If there’s interest, I could clean it up for public consumption.

It is still broken on my nightly version from a month back. With a bit of random button clicking you can sometimes get it to load a template - but it is purely luck and clearly broken.