Trouble importing full 3D PCB into SolidWorks


you don’t seem to read the docs I suggested…
StepUp is a tool for FreeCAD available in Linux, Win and OSX as well as FC is.

what kicad version are you using? Stable or developing?

It seems you missed the difference between VRML and STEP… moreover it seems also you didn’t read the @Rene_Poschl suggestion


@maui is the developer of kicad stepup
I think he knows if he developed an extension for freecad or for kicad :wink:

Simplified explanation of the difference between step an vrml (wrl)

  • VRML approximates the surface of the 3d model using triangles
  • STEP describes the volume of the model with mathematical functions.

VRML is similar to stl in this regard. have a look here for the difference stl vs step:


Yes, it is. StepUp is a macro that you execute within FreeCAD.


Andy … I have since discovered my error … thank you kindly for the note … much appreciated.