Trouble after installing Kicad 5.0 on my Mac (running macOS Mojave)


Hi everyone,

I just installed Kicad 5.0 on my freshly updated Mac now running macOS Mojave.

But the thing is I cannot properly Kicad as I get some trouble loading the symbols and footprints libraries.
For example, when I run the symbol library editor, I get "Cannot load aliases from library “Altera” (for example). Same thing happens when I run the footprint editor and multiple libraries appear to be empty.

I tried the different RC versions released before the “real” 5.0 one and I didn’t get any problem. But my Mac was running macOS High Sierra at that time.:confused:

Does anyone have the same problem ?

Thanks a lot in advance for helping me :wink:

The next release in 5.0.x series

Sounds like the libraries weren’t installed or the paths are wrong. I know nothing about the MAC installer.



Mojave has multiple problems right now. We’re trying to update our build script to deal with it.

When 5.0.1 is released, Mojave will be supported. Hopefully not too long now…


Thanks for the answer. I guess I should wait until 5.0.1 is released ! :smile: