Trimming outside PCB area prior to panelisation

I’ve got a PCB that has been through a few prototyping stages but I’m now happy with and want to get produced in higher volume.

Currently, the board has “stuff” going on outside the PCB area (silk screen, overly long edge connectors etc). For single boards, the Fab houses have just trimmed it to size and it’s not bothered me*, but now I want to panelise them myself it’s causing a problem with overlapping.

Apart from modifying the footprint of each component, is there a simple way to eliminate anything outside of the PCB edge?



  • in case it wasn’t trimmed and anyone got some of my silk screen on their PCB I am sorry :slight_smile:

I wrote up a very brief blog post on this using the “Subtract soldermask from silkscreen” option which works great for trimming silk screen when making gerbers. Not sure this is really helpful in your situation though, I guess it depends how you are panelising the design.