Transparent board edge with ray tracing?

Hey there!
I just discovered that the edged of my board are kind of transparent with ray trace rendering and one edge is even completely transparent. The normal rendering works as expected (see attached images). Does anyone else has the same issue? Is this a bug or more or less normal behavior?

Version: 5.1.4-e60b266~84~ubuntu18.04.1, release build


Its a bug, a not so unexpected bug :slight_smile:

Could you fill a bug on launchpad and share the project? so it can be replicated…

It seems to depend on the rendering settings and maybe colors (board body color). Share them at least.

Yeah, I just wanted to figure out if it’s only my machine because the people working on bugs have enough to do and don’t need to be bothered with single-user-problems IMHO. And I can’t seem to reproduce it but if I have a 4 layer board this (I mean the black artifacts on the left side which might be connected to my transparent edges) happens in the rendering.
Can someone confirm this? The rendering settings were not changed from the default values by myself except no tick at “Add Floor”. (4.3 KB)

I can reproduce it on my machine too. Actually it should happen on all machines.
I will see if I can do something about it…

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Same behavior even on a fresh compiled master (5.99.0-374-ge2b0d5fd4), release build on 18.04.3.

Okay, thanks, I filed a report.

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