Translating English User Interface into another language


I translated the Kicad user interface into Hungarian.
The problem is that the “Poedit” program indicates an error while importing texts (attached image).

Error message.: “common/gal/opengl/gl_builtin_shaders.cpp:655:warning: unterminated string literal”

Another problem is that even though the whole interface is translated, some menus and texts remain English.

(How to attach an image here? It is impossible to upload the attached image. LOL)

This is the user forum. I think the translation stuff is in this github repo:

With problems about translations i think you should go to the bugtracker or mailing list. (It looks like pull requests are handled via github. So it might also be possible to use issues on that repo to communicate with other translators.)

Drag and drop should work :wink: or type in the html tag. (use the later if the image is already somewhere on the web)

OK thank you. Check it out.

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